Escape from Wolfhaven Castle

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Kate Forsyth
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Tell your lord to beware; the wolves smell danger in the wind... Wolfhaven Castle has been attacked, and only four escape capture... Tom, trained to scrub pots, not fight; Elanor, the lord's daughter; Sebastian, a knight in training; and Quinn, the witch's apprentice. Somehow, if they are to save their people, these unlikely heroes must find four magical beasts from legend and awaken the sleeping warriors of the past. But first, they have to make it out of the castle alive...

But first, they have to make it out of ... Escape from Wolfhaven Castle is the introductory book in this new series from Scholastic. Set in a fantasy world of castles, lords and ladies, knights and squires not to mention bog-men and unicorns, Kate Forsyth's opening 'Tell your lord to beware,' the wild man said, gripping Tom's arm with a dirty hand.

Escape From Wolfhaven Castle (Impossible Quest Book 1) Escape from Wolfhaven Castle by Kate Forsyth (isbn:9781743624067) for - Compare prices of 1988766 products in Books from 634 Online Stores in Australia. Save with! Escape from Wolfhaven Castle is the first book in a five-book series, originally released in Australia.