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Madeline Miller
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In Ancient Greece, a skilled marble sculptor has been blessed by a goddess who has given his masterpiece ï½ï½ the most beautiful woman the town has ever seen ï½ï½ the gift of life. Now his wife, Galatea is expected to be obedience and humility personified, but it is not long before she learns to use her beauty as a form of manipulation. In a desperate bid by her obsessive husband to keep her under control, she is locked away under the constant supervision of doctors and nurses. But with a daughter to rescue, she is determined to break free, whatever the cost...From the Orange Prize-winning author of The Song of Achilles, this short story is a dazzling retelling of the myth of Galatea.

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The project focuses on 4 main domains having a high potential in terms of smart and sustainable growth: the Smart Ship, the Smart Port, the Smart Shipyard and Maritime Surveillance. Galatea is an interactive fiction video game by Emily Short featuring a modern rendition of the Greek myth of Galatea, the sculpture of a woman which gained life.It took "Best of Show" in the 2000 IF Art Show and won a XYZZY Award for Best Non-Player Character. The game displays an unusual rich approach to non-player character dialogue and diverts from the typical puzzle-solving in interactive ... GALATEA is a family of languages to model multi-agent systems to be simulated in a DEVS, multi-agent platform.