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Henrietta Norton
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Drawing on over a decade of work with mothers-to-be, expert nutritionist Henrietta Norton provides you with clear and practical advice on what to eat during preconception, pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood. You'll find out:?What to avoid and which supplements to take?Ways to eat a healthy vegetarian or vegan pregnancy diet?Which nutrients are important at each trimester?How to manage symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue?Pregnancy and preconception superfoods and recipes?How to allergy-proof your baby and optimise their developmentWith meal planners for each trimester, a handy list of food to access on your smart phone and with chapters on preconception, breastfeeding and labour nutrition, let Your Pregnancy Nutrition Guide be your close companion on this precious journey.

It is normal and healthy to gain weight during pregnancy, but the amount that is healthy for you will depend on your weight before falling pregnant. The following nutrient needs increase during pregnancy: Protein; Iron ... Fishpond Australia, Your Pregnancy Nutrition Guide: What to Eat When You're Pregnant by HenriettaNortonBuy .

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