The Many-Coloured Land

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Julian May
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For a troubled band of misfits, the adventure is about to begin. In the 22nd Century, a group of misfits and mavericks are preparing to leave behind everything they have known. Advanced technology has created a one-way time portal to Earth's Pliocene Era - six million years ago. Those seeking a better life are drawn to the promise of a simple utopia, far from the civilised Galactic Mileu. But no one could have predicted the dangers on the other side. For the group will enter the battleground of two warring alien races, exiled from a distant planet. And these races not only have potent mind powers, but seek to exploit and enslave humans for their own needs. The travellers are about to discover that their unspoilt paradise is far from Eden.

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Published in 1981 the book become immediate popular and critical acclaim in science fiction, fantasy books. The main characters of The Many-Coloured Land novel are John, Emma.