A Day to Kill

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Ben Coes
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"One of the year's best thrillers." Publishers Weekly The clock is ticking for Dewey Andreas Dewey Andreas, a former Delta working as an agent for the CIA, is still drowning in grief after the tragic murder of his fiancee. Dewey has lost his focus, his edge, and the confidence of his superiors. Cloud, a high-level Russian hacker, perhaps the best in the world, has acquired a nuclear weapon which has the power to devastate a major city. Fuelled by a dark and personal vendetta, Cloud has put the weapon onto an anonymous trawler headed straight to the US. Learning of the missing nuke, and picking up on rumours of an impending terrorist attack on American shores, the best and most talented CIA agents are now chasing the bomb. Two highly trained teams are sent into Russia in a two-pronged mission to seize Cloud. But it's a trap. Now America's last hope of stopping the bomb is unofficial rogue agent Dewey Andreas. Dewey will risk everything to find the most dangerous and skilled enemy he's ever faced because, if he fails, America will suffer its most deadly terrorist attack on the fourth of July - Independence Day. PRAISE FOR A DAY TO KILL "This high-octane race against time will have thriller readers unable to turn the pages fast enough!" Booklist "Blows the competition away" Brad Thor

Two children hang out in rural England. Jo constantly torments his friend Nathan and tries to make him do harmful things.

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