How to Deal with Adversity

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Christopher Hamilton, The School of Life
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In How to Deal with Adversity, Christopher Hamilton explores how we face trials and tribulations in everyday life, and why adversity, from small setbacks to larger, more life-defining problems, affects and shapes us so fundamentally. Drawing upon history, philosophy and science, Chris looks at examples of adversity in contexts such as family, illness and friendship, and reflects on how we can best deal with the challenges of life. He invites us to think carefully about the human process of suffering and endurance and offers practical suggestions for facing adversity head on, wherever we encounter it.

You either see them as obstacles or as opportunities. You either let them get you down or decide to overcome them. In fact, dealing with adversity can become a very positive and nourishing experience that can lead to massive growth and development.

It's safe to assume that you're going to face some struggles, so mentally prepare for it. So accepting that adversity is a normal part of life is an important shift in our thinking. You have a choice of how to deal with adversity-how to respond to and deal with the challenges that you face each day.