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Scott Turow
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The Gianis's and the Kronons. Two families entangled in a long and complex history of love and deceit... Twenty five years ago, after a society picnic held by businessman and politician Zeus Kronon, Zeus' headstrong daughter Dita was found murdered. Her boyfriend, Cass Gianis, confessed to the crime. Now Cass has been released from prison into the care of his twin, Mayoral candidate Paul Gianis, who is in the middle of a high profile political campaign. But Dita's brother Hal is convinced there is information surrounding his sister's death that remains buried - and he won't rest until he's discovered the truth. Hal's employee, feisty former FBI Special Agent Evon Miller, teams up with Tim Brodie, a retired police officer, to investigate. After all this time, can they find evidence to place Paul Gianis, the 'innocent' twin, at the scene of the crime? Soon Paul will find himself struggling to hold his campaign together amidst Hal's increasingly damning allegations. But what does the mayoral candidate really have to hide? And why has Cass Gianis vanished?

First semi-identical twins identified in pregnancy A call to identical is the way to test exact equality in if and while statements, as well as in logical expressions that use && or ||. In all these applications you need to be assured of getting a single logical value.

It is based on the 1949 novel Lottie and Lisa by Erich Kästner (which also became the basis for many adaptations including Disney's The Parent Trap-film series which began with a 1961 film Plot. As with the novel, the musical follows the story of twin girls who were ... IDENTICAL, based loosely on the myth of Castor and Pollux, is the story of identical twins Paul and Cass Giannis and the complex relationships between their family and their former neighbors, the Kronons.