The Decameron

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Giovanni Boccaccio, J. M. Rigg (Translator)
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Inspired by the Black Plague that devastated Europe in the mid-1300s, Boccaccio's collection of tales is an enormously influential literary masterpiece with a sly humor and irreverence that will appeal to modern readers. In the hopes of avoiding the plague, a group of ten wealthy young men and women decamp to a country villa on the outskirts of Florence. Once there, they decide to amuse themselves with a storytelling competition of sorts, with each attendee offering one tale each day for a period of ten days. The stories are by turns ribald, tragic and everything in between.

The ... Like the Divine Comedy, the Decameron is a towering monument of medieval pre-Renaissance literature, and incorporates certain important elements that are not at once apparent to today's readers. The original trailer in high definition of Il Decameron directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini and starring Franco Citti, Ninetto Davoli, Jovan Jovanovic, Vincenzo ... The Decameron - the 14th-century Italian book that shows us how to survive coronavirus Giovanni Boccaccio's work taught citizens how to maintain mental wellbeing in times of epidemics and isolation. of Decameron (Milan: Mursia, 1977) as a guide. John Payne's translation of The Decameron was originally published in a private printing for The Villon Society, London, 1886.

Marazul Isla de San Andrés ... The tales of "The Decameron" are the news in a form the listeners can follow. (The rule of the young people's quarantine was: No news of Florence!) The first story is a comic account of how ... The complete Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio, set in 1348, consists of 100 stories told by 10 people to each other over an imaginary 10 day period whilst they seek refuge from the plague ravaging Florence.