Step Out of Your Story

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Kim Schneiderman
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REFRAME YOUR STORY, RECLAIM YOUR LIFE Every day we relate stories about our highs and lows, relationships and jobs, heartaches and joys. But do we ever consider the choices we make about how to tell our story? In this groundbreaking book, Kim Schneiderman shows us that by choosing a version that values life lessons and meaningful personal victories we can redirect our energy and narrative toward our desires and goals. It presents character development workouts and life-affirming, liberating exercises for retelling our stories to find redemptive silver linings and reshape our lives. As both a therapist and a writer, Schneiderman knows the power of story. By employing the storytelling techniques she offers, you'll learn to view your life as a work in progress and understand big-picture story lines in ways that allow you to easily steer your actions and relationships toward redefined - and realistic - "happy endings."

Life is the ultimate character development workout. My counseling practice and writing workshops strengthen emotional muscles for... Step Out of Your Story.

Use some of the anchor questions below to get students stepping out of the story. Why did the author decide to write this part? Did it make the story better? You will discover that you can step out of your story and create it as you live." — Albert J.