The Laughing Buddha

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M. J. Rose, Lisa Gardner
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Lisa Gardner and M.J. Rose - along with their popular characters D.D. Warren and Malachai Samuels - team up for the first time ever in this original short story from the New York Times bestselling anthology Face Off.Sergeant detective D.D. Warren gets called to a murder scene in Boston's colourful Chinatown neighbourhood. An antiques dealer specializing in ancient Chinese artefacts - ceramics, jade, and stone carvings - is dead from a single gunshot wound. Although he appeared to have no known enemies, Mr. John Wen did have a business card clutched in his cold, dead hand. A card bearing the name Malachai Samuels.A Jungian therapist specializing in past lives and regression therapy, Samuels has also been named a 'person of interest' in recent criminal cases involving stolen artefacts. And there is an eight-inch, solid jade Buddha statue missing from Wen's office. D.D. Warren will have to pay Malachai Samuels a visit - the question is, is he the killer, or can he simply help her find out who is?For more exciting short story pairings, don't miss all eleven short stories in Face Off!

A Thai landrace sativa, otherwise ubiquitously known as Thai Sticks, and a proprietary Jamaican landrace hybrid make up Buddha's lineage.. The fortunate crossing of these two strains is the result of decades worth of experience sourcing, selecting, and breeding ... Laughing Buddha is considered to be a joyous, more exuberant reincarnation of the famous philosopher and spiritual teacher.

From homes to restaurants, offices, museums, and stores, this statue can be placed in different environments. Ancient Buddhists consider this as a manifestation of the Buddha, while the Chinese compare him to the Zen Monk known as Budai. The Laughing Buddha is the image of a historical, albeit obscure, personage—a Chinese Zen monk who lived over 1,000 years ago.