The Crystal Stopper

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Maurice Leblanc
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The Crystal Stopper or Further Adventures of Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar by Maurice Leblanc is one of the greatest masterpieces of French literature. Lupin is an enigmatic, preternatural criminal; an unstoppable thief who's planning defies any attempts at capture. This book was inspired by the Panama Canal Scandal, the largest monetary corruption scandal of the 19th century. In a gripping story centered around theft, deception, murder and blackmail, the ingenious criminal manages to stay several steps ahead of the authorities, until a thrilling final showdown has terrible consequences for one of the characters. The Crystal Stopper is very entertaining, and it is one of the best Lupin's adventures ever. If you enjoy a good detective story, a historic scandal and appreciate an elegant twist, go ahead and let Lupin steal a few hours of your time.

THE CRYSTAL STOPPER Curated by Carlos Basualdo 22 March - 19 April 1997. New York.

And this crystal stopper had nothing particular about it. The most that Lupin observed was that the knob, with its many facets, was gilded right down to the indent.