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Andrew Neiderman
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From the bestselling author of The Devil's Advocate, a woman searches for the truth after meeting a man who looks mysteriously like her dead brother. Bob and Marion endured the worst tragedies of their life after their son, Joey, disappeared while on a camping trip with his uncle, Marion's brother. The heartbreak of losing their son has strained at their marriage and broken their hearts. Horror and hope combine, though, when Marion sees her supposedly missing brother in New York City. He denies her story, even denies his own identity, but Marion knows that it is him, and that he has the information she and her husband have yearned for since the more horrific day of their lives. Questioning her sanity, but still insisting that the man she encounters is truly her brother, Marion undertakes her own investigation. "Neiderman's forte has always been his intricate, suspenseful stories."-Booklist

On the Data tab, in the Data Tools group, click Remove Duplicates. One of the most common tasks people perform using spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel is to analyze data sets. Often, a spreadsheet may include duplicated data, that is, a row or cell that duplicates another row or cell.

Find another word for duplicate. duplicate (not comparable) Being the same as another; identical, often having been copied from an original. This is a duplicate entry.