The Essential Guide to Cultivating Mushrooms

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Stephen Russell
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With clear instructions and step-by-step photographs, this comprehensive guide shows you how to cultivate mushrooms in your own home, producing shiitakes, oysters, lion's manes, maitakes, and portabellas for your kitchen or for a small business. Beginners will learn the best way to use a mushroom kit, as well as how to maintain the sterile procedures and controlled environment that cultivation requires. Novices and the more experienced will learn how to create grain spawn or sawdust spawn and how to use liquid cultures and fruiting chambers. Advanced readers will gain a thorough knowledge of how to work with large-scale grain spawn, agar, bag cultures, bulk substrates, and large fruiting chambers to produce mushrooms consistently and in greater quantity.

However, the ... The Essential Guide to Cultivating Mushrooms (Storey Publishing, 2014) By Stephen Russell. Are you looking for a way to broaden your gardening portfolio? Are you happiest when meticulously following instructions and then using the experience you gain to develop shortcuts or personal specialties? Would you enjoy an indoor activity that could produce delicious and lucrative results? If you ... The Essential Guide For Growing Mushrooms.

From the basics of using mushroom kits to working with grain spawn, liquid cultures, and fruitin The Essential Guide to Cultivating Mushroom‪s‬ Simple and Advanced Techniques for Growing Shiitake, Oyster, Lion's Mane, and Maitake Mushrooms at Home. Stephen Russell.