Prophetic Intercession

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Barbara Wentroble, Dutch Sheets (Foreword by)
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Learn to pray straight from God's heart. As sheep of the Lord's pasture, we all have the ability to hear His voice. When you open the door to two-way conversation--hearing from God while you pray--you will learn to pray what is on His heart. And the clearer the lines of communication, the more effectively you can speak the mind and will of God into the lives of people in need and see more miraculous breakthroughs. With the ranks of intercessors and prayer warriors rapidly growing worldwide, Prophetic Intercession will take you to a new leading-edge level of communication, like replacing two tin cans with the latest in state-of-the-art telecommunications!

WELCOME We will help awaken the people of God and guide them into gaining their true identity in Christ, as well as ignite the spirit of intercession. Come Grow With Us .

This guidance comes by way of prophetic revelation —in other words, the Holy Spirit is making something known that is not comprehended by natural means. Prophetic intercession is rare in our day (cf. 1 Sam 3:1) because the self-centred message that has crept in to our churches (Jude 4) makes it seem that it's our story with a part for God rather than Christ's story with a part for us! When however, we have a revelation that it's all about being included in the glory of Christ everything becomes thrilling (Isa 60:5).