Mothers Who Murder

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Dr Xanthe Mallett
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All of these women are notorious, but are all of them deadly? Child murder: A social taboo and one of the most abhorrent acts most of us can imagine. Meet the women found guilty of murdering their own children. They represent some of the most hated women in Australia. The infamous list includes psychologically damaged, sometimes deranged, women on the edge. But, as we will see, accused doesn't always mean guilty. Among the cases covered is that of Kathleen Folbigg, accused and found guilty of killing four of her children, even with a lack of any forensic evidence proving her guilt; Rachel Pfitzner, who strangled her 2-year-old son and dumped his body in a duck pond; as well as Keli Lane, found guilty of child murder though no body has ever been found. Dr Mallett goes back to the beginning of each case; death's ground zero. That might be the accused's childhood, were they abused? Or was their motivation greed, or fear of losing a partner? Were they just simply evil? Or did the media paint them as such, against the evidence and leading to a travesty of justice. Each case will be re-opened, the alternative suspects assessed, the possible motives reviewed. Informed by her background as a forensic scientist, Xanthe offers insight into aspects of the cases that may not have been explored previously. Taking you on her journey through the facts, and reaching her own conclusion as to whether she believe the evidence points to the women's guilt. Hear their stories.

Amazon Price New from Used from Kindle "Please retry" $12.99 — — Paperback "Please retry" $27.75 . $27.75 — Kindle $12.99 Read with Our Free App Paperback $27.75 6 New from $27.75 All of these women are notorious ... Mothers Who Murder In this compelling special investigation, forensic expert Dr Xanthe Mallett meets the women found guilty of murdering their own children and examines what makes them commit the ultimate betrayal. Mothers Who Murder.

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