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Detective Ryan Straton is known as the happy-go-lucky playboy of the precinct, the consummate bachelor of the department. At a Halloween party, he enjoys admiring the eye-candy, including a lovely lady-who he learns is Doctor Morgan Pruitt-dressed as Marilyn Monroe. When Ryan stumbles across Morgan getting backed into a corner by a trio of men, he plays hero and rescues her. He's shocked to be offered a blowjob in thanks, but quickly gets on board when the woman proves just how adept she is with her hands...and her mouth. When the deed is done, Ryan discovers that Morgan isn't a woman, and he's just received the best blowjob of his life from a man. As he's done with every woman he's bedded for over a decade, he plans to move on and forget about Morgan. Except, Ryan finds himself dreaming about his red lips and slender, agile hands. Getting advice from his friends-treat him like any woman who'd caught his eye-love 'em and leave 'em-Ryan wonders if it would be that easy. Once he's had Morgan, would that end his obsession? Or would it only feed it?

We have been a distributor for the Pacific Hoists range of lifting and materials equipment for 18 years, including the full range of the premium brand: Hitachi electric chain hoists and ; electric trolleys, which are renowned in industry for ... If you decide you are capable of lifting a light load, make sure you lift correctly. Move in so that your feet are close to the base of the object to be lifted.

However, a substantial portion can be prevented by incorporating effective administrative ... If an object is too heavy to lift safely, ask someone to help you or make several trips carrying lighter weight. When lifting an object from the floor, stand as close to the object as possible.