Death and the Maiden

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P. N. Elrod
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Threatened by soldiers on the outside and turmoil on the inside, Jonathan Barrett valiantly fights to protect his family and the peace of the Barrett estate in this thrilling sequel to Red Death. Nearly consumed by his dark desires, Jonathan struggles to control his supernatural powers and his overwhelming thirst for blood while in the company of his immediate family and a scheming young cousin.

Death and the Maiden, born of Renaissance art; Death and the Maiden painting by Hans Baldung; Death and the Maiden painting by Egon Schiele; Death and the Maiden sketch by Edvard Munch; Death and the Maiden painting by Pierre Puvis de Chavannes ... Death and the Maiden tells the story of Paulina Salas, her husband Gerardo Escobar, and Dr. Roberto Miranda, all citizens in an unnamed country that is recovering from the after-effects of a violent dictatorship.

In Death and the Maiden, Gerardo constantly opposes Paulina's ideas and plans, providing a more rational and less emotionally-charged solution. Gerardo acts as the voice ... Directed by Jud Taylor.