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William McIlvanney
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A novel of dreams, disappointments, and detours: "Pitch-perfect . . . excruciatingly funny . . . a beguilingly brilliant portrait of the artist as an adolescent." —The Sunday Times Named Scottish Book of the Year by the Saltire Society Tam Docherty was seventeen in the summer of 1955. With school behind him and a summer job at a brick works, Tom had his whole life before him. Years later, alone in a rented flat in Edinburgh and lost in memories, Tom recalls the intellectual and sexual awakening of his youth. In looking back, Tom discovers that only by understanding where he comes from can he make sense of his life as it is now. A follow-up to the author's prize-winning novel Docherty, which focused on Tam's namesake grandfather, this is a "beautifully written" story of boyhood, manhood, and the sometimes blurry border between them (The Times, London). "On almost every page it offers matter for reflection and the sudden stab of emotion that comes from reading something that is truly evoked or created . . . It is rare and it is wonderful." —The Scotsman

All Woodrow kilns are built in Australia and come with a 3 year warranty as well as a 10 year warranty on the frame & case. Kilns are built to order and can take 4-8 weeks to be built.

Featuring the same family, two generations on, as DochertyTom Docherty w... This kiln did not have a plastered dome covering, instead just a large amount of broken fired pots laid on top of the mass of unfired pottery beneath. The most important improvement or innovation here was the separation between a firebox at ground level and a supported but perforated shelf above which formed the base of a separate kiln chamber for the pottery. The Kiln is a gun that fires pots that break into 3 bouncing crystals upon hitting something. The charcoal kiln is a structure that is used to create coal from wood.