Butterfly Gardening with Native Plants

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Christopher Kline
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Butterfly expert Christopher Kline provides an easy-to-read introduction to the topic in Butterfly Gardening with Native Plants, a how-to guide covering butterfly gardening basics, garden designs, common butterflies in the garden, native nectar, guide to host plants, and sources for native plants. Included are over 150 color photographs as well as several detailed illustrations on garden layout. With this guide, it is easy to choose plants to attract specific species of butterflies, and Kline provides a photo guide for identifying butterflies as well. On every page there is a basic timeline to indicate the best season for both plants and butterfly sightings.Butterfly Gardening with Native Plants is more than just a collection of pretty pictures. This book takes readers into the world of gardening from a butterfly’s perspective. As available habitats continually decrease for butterflies, the use of native plants in the home landscape becomes more critical. This book will walk you through the process of using native plants to attract butterflies to your home landscape. Butterfly Gardening with Native Plants is a must-have for those who love butterflies and want to attract them to their property.

You can attract native butterflies to your garden by growing the right host plants. This will feed the life cycle of butterflies and increase the population. Jo has two different kinds of plants to attract and retain butterflies.

Zinnias are well loved by butterflies, and varieties with fewer petals are favored the most by pollinators. A ... You can create a dedicated butterfly garden or just tuck a few plants that attract butterflies into your landscaping.