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Charlotte N. Markey
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Being on a diet is a miserable experience for most people, and it rarely leads to the desired goal of shedding fat. In fact, studies show that dieters often gain weight rather than lose it, because the intensity, restrictions, and short duration of most diets means they are ill-equipped to produce long-term effects. In Smart People Don't Diet, Dr Charlotte N. Markey presents a refreshingly different perspective, addressing the underlying causes of weight gain and offering proven strategies for lasting weight management. This book will show you how to eat well, lose weight, and keep it off - without dieting. The gimmicks don't work, but Dr Markey's reasonable, accessible advice will help you get - and stay - healthy. Charlotte N. Markey, PhD is professor of psychology and chair of the psychology department at Rutgers University Camden. She has been featured in the New York Times, the Economist, Time, Health Psychology, the Washington Post, Science Daily, NBC News and Psychology Today. She currently directs the Healthy Development Lab at Rutgers University.

Once we understand this and understand our own habits, we can make positive changes to our eating and activity behaviors. Smart People Don't Diet is just the affirmation I needed to feel like I'm finally on the right track. It's refreshing to have an approach that isn't a countdown to thin (30 days to fit, 20 lbs in 30 days etc.) but rather a sane and healthy way to think about one's health and body image. SmartenFit is a companion app to the book "Smart People Don't Diet", and it helps you track your health and fitness goals and keep you on the right course.

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