How to Sell the Way Your Customer Buys

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Des Hunt
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In How to Sell the Way Your Customer Buys, Des Hunt, the Australian-based international trainer, speaker and author, shows you how to do just that in clear and simple language and with a touch of Aussie humour. Des talks about: * Why people buy the things they buy * The Hidden Persuaders and how to use them * Hot to quickly pick the buying style of your customer * How to assess your own style using a quick questionnaire * How to see yourself as your customer sees you * The seven principles and laws of selling * How to sell like a doctor rather than a salesperson * The art of using the right questions to sell and close * How to adapt and sell to each style of customer ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Author of the bestseller What Makes People Tick - How to Understand Yourself and Others, Des Hunt has been selling, and teaching others how to sell, for the over twenty-five years. He has held senior sales and marketing management positions as well as running his own business employing over fifty people. He has studies in Marketing and Psychology, holds a Bachelor of Business Degree and a Diploma in Training and Development. His clients included Clipsal, Coca Cola, Yellow Pages Australia, Yellow Pages Singapore, Olivetti Malaysia, Singapore Airlines, Shell Oil and Brunei Telecom. This is a skinny book with heaps of information, which, when put into practice, will lift you sales figures overnight. But remember, good ideas don't work unless you do!

But you'll need fall-back objectives too, so prepare some alternatives. For example, settle for a smaller order or even leave a product on sale or return.

Don't be afraid to be playful with your copy. Your customers will appreciate it. You've probably had some success selling using your own, personal style.