Trust Me, I'm Lying

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Mary Elizabeth Summer
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Julep Dupree tells lies. A lot of them. She's a con artist, a master of disguise, and a sophomore at Chicago's swanky St. Agatha High, where her father, an old-school grifter with a weakness for the ponies, sends her to so she can learn to mingle with the upper crust. For extra spending money Julep doesn't rely on her dad-she runs petty scams for her classmates while dodging the dean of students and maintaining an A+ (okay, A-) average.But when she comes home one day to a ransacked apartment and her father gone, Julep's carefully laid plans for an expenses-paid golden ticket to Yale start to unravel. Even with help from St. Agatha's resident Prince Charming, Tyler Richland, and her loyal hacker sidekick, Sam, Julep struggles to trace her dad's trail of clues through a maze of creepy stalkers, hit attempts, family secrets, and worse, the threat of foster care. With everything she has at stake, Julep's in way over her head . . . but that's not going to stop her from using every trick in the book to find her dad before his mark finds her. Because that would be criminal."A sexy love triangle and madcap mystery . . . I loved this book." -Jennifer Echols, author of Dirty Little SecretOne of TeenVogue's 15 Most Exciting YA Books Coming Out This Year!"Julep isn't just another high schooler beset by the usual drama of boys and academia. Nope-she also happens to be a con artist and master of disguise, which comes in mighty handy when her father mysteriously disappears. Determined, she delves into the underbelly of Chicago to find him (bringing a bunch of fresh plot lines and unexpected twists along the way)."

And yet ... Trust Me, I'm Lying is among the best books exposing the greedy bloggers and corrupt news organizations. At the same time, it teaches you techniques which can be used ethically to enhance your marketing.

Title. HF5415.H7416 2012 659.20285'6752—dc23 2012008773 Printed in the United States of America Set in Minion Pro Designed by Pauline Neuwirth ... Trust Me, I'm Lying is her debut novel.