What Are You Afraid Of?

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Lavinia Plonka
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The ordinary manner in which we carry ourselves physically, our automatic gestures, and the accustomed comforts of our bodily habits inadvertently reinforce fear's hold on our lives. What Are You Afraid Of? explores how our fears often arise from physical and mental triggers that have been learned over the course of our early lives-and can be un-learned. Fear, explains award-winning movement teacher Lavinia Plonka, is not the product of intractable psychological demons; instead, it often revolves around repetitive body/mind cues. By teaching the body new habits through a series of exercises and postures, the cycle of fear can be broken.

Where is the end of your comfort zone? Are you choosing goals that fall outside of it? When you choose to set goals that are within your comfort zone, you're just maintaining, you're not growing. In order to grow, you need to reach ... Everyone is afraid of something―failure, success, loneliness, crowds, death, life―the list is endless.

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