Spirits Message

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Hardish Virk
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A supernatural thriller about two Indian women. One currently lives in England whilst the other lived in north India many years ago. The woman in India was murdered and since then her spirit has been reaching out to the other woman as they hold a connection which unravels the mystery behind her death and the lost heritage of the other woman. This is a human story about a journey of a woman who thinks her life is mapped out but a gateway to another world exposes her to truths and dangers that she never thought existed.

+ German name . Geisternachricht „L" + Greek name ... のメッセージ, Shi no Messēji) in Japanese is an archetype used by " Destiny Board " as part of its victory condition.

I remember I was coming home one night a couple of years ago and there was a huge spider web spanning the front posts of my porch, literally blocking me from entering my house. And the same thing happened in a meditation I did afterwards.