Time and Time Again

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Ben Elton
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'The best I've read of Elton's many bestsellers' The Times Imagine a world where no one you have ever known or loved has been born yet. Perhaps they never will be. 1st June 1914: this is Hugh Stanton's reality. Ex-soldier and celebrated adventurer, he is is quite literally the loneliest man on earth. Stanton knows that a great and terrible war is coming. A collective suicidal madness that will destroy European civilization and bring misery to millions in the century to come. He knows this because, for him, that century is already history. Somehow he must change that history. He must prevent the war. A war that will begin with a single bullet. But can a single bullet truly corrupt an entire century? And, if so, could another single bullet save it?

Buy a discounted Paperback of Time and Time Again online from Australia's leading online bookstore. The mysterious assassin that nearly kills him turns out to be ANOTHER time traveler who had reset time again shortly after Stanton arrived. This creates an impressive plot twist that nearly saves the book.

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