Shades of Earl Grey

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Laura Childs
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Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning is finally invited to a social event that she doesn’t have to cater—but there’s more than champagne bubbling… Theo is mingling with the cream of Charleston society at the engagement soiree of the season. But as they eagerly await the dazzling young couple’s arrival—the groom meets with a freak accident. The exquisite wedding ring—a family heirloom from the crown of Marie Antoinette—is mysteriously missing. Theodosia suspects that trouble is brewing. But when she goes to the authorities, they treat her like she’s been reading tea leaves—and that’s the surest way to put Theodosia’s kettle on the boil… 

by Laura Childs. A Tea Shop Mystery (Book 3) Share your thoughts Complete your review.

Lemony Earl Grey gives a more zing to this classic black tea. Earl Grey LoveA beautiful variation of Earl Grey, with a touch of rose and vanilla. Earl Grey was one time Prime Minister of England in the 1800's, and had a colourful personal history, especially with the ladies.