In a Glass Darkly

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Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
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Though carefully educated in medicine and surgery, I have never practised either. The study of each continues, nevertheless, to interest me profoundly. Neither idleness nor caprice caused my secession from the honourable calling which I had just entered. The cause was a very trifling scratch inflicted by a dissecting knife. This trifle cost me the loss of two fingers, amputated promptly, and the more painful loss of my health, for I have never been quite well since, and have seldom been twelve months together in the same place.

Though carefully educated in medicine and ... Fishpond Australia, In a Glass Darkly (Oxford World's Classics) by J Sheridan Le Fanu Robert Tracy (Edited )Buy . Books online: In a Glass Darkly (Oxford World's Classics), 2008, In a Glass Darkly.

For now we see through a glasse, darkely: but then ... In a Glass Darkly (1872), one of his most celebrated volumes, purports to be the casebook of Dr Hesselius, a pioneer psychologist. These five tales represent some of Le Fanu's most accomplished work, which rises above the staid conventions of the age.