The Snow Leopard

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Peter Matthiessen
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Enjoy this special edition hardback of one of the greatest pieces of travel and nature writing ever written. Go with Peter Matthiessen all the way to Dolpo, a Tibetan plateau in the high Himalayas. This is the account of a journey to the dazzling Tibetan plateau of Dolpo in the high Himalayas. In 1973 Matthiessen made the 250-mile trek to Dolpo, as part of an expedition to study wild blue sheep. It was an arduous, sometimes dangerous, physical endeavour: exertion, blisters, blizzards, endless negotiations with sherpas, quaking cold. But it was also a 'journey of the heart' - amongst the beauty and indifference of the mountains Matthiessen was searching for solace. He was also searching for a glimpse of a snow leopard, a creature so rarely spotted as to be almost mythical. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY RICHARD MABEY 'A beautiful book, and worthy of the mountains he is among' Paul Theroux 'A delight' i Paper

Because of their huge territory range they have to cope with temperatures ranging from -40º Centigrade to 40º+ C. Distribution and habitat.

It needs to be to survive at altitudes above 3,000 metres. Known as the Ghost of the Mountains, it leads a mostly solitary and mysterious existence but is beautifully equipped for its rugged territory. Snow leopards mainly hunt wild sheep and goats such as the blue sheep, argali sheep and ibex, although they will also prey on smaller mammals such as marmots, voles and hares.