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The gripping and graphic true story of Sydney's underbelly.The verdict is guilty.As soon as legally possible, Hachette Australia will publish a gripping account of former New South Wales police officer, Roger Rogerson, who, along with another former police officer, Glen McNamara, has been found guilty ofthe cold blooded murder of 20-year-old Jamie Gao, and the supply of 2.78 kg of ice (methamphetamine). This eye-opening account will include behind-the-scenes stories - many never told before - of both the trial and its outcome, and the events leading up to it. Only now, with the court's verdict of murder, can many stories of Roger Rogerson be told. Duncan McNab has been in the courtroom for eighteen weeks, from the beginning of the trial, and Roger Rogerson will build on the insight Duncan has from the research into his previous book on Rogerson, The Dodger, and from close observation of the Sydney crime scene for many years. Duncan is a former police detective, private investigator, investigative journalist and media adviser to government and the private sector. Quite simply, he knows more about Roger Rogerson than anyone else alive. Author Duncan said of the trial and the writing of the book: 'I've been following Roger Rogerson's career - on both sides of the law - for over 30 years. He's one of the most corrupt and evil men in Australian criminal history, and finally the full story can be told.'

Rogerson is serving life in prison, alongside fellow former police officer Glen McNamara, over the murder of 20-year-old drug dealer Jamie Gao in May 2014. Watch the video above about Roger Rogerson's sentencing ROGER Rogerson, convicted yesterday of the murder of Jamie Gao, is officially Australia's first serial killer with a badge.

But this wasn't Rogerson's ... Former NSW detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara were found guilty for Gao's murder and are serving life sentences. New bombshell claims have come to light that Gao was lured to his death by... Disgraced former police officer Roger Rogerson's murder conviction is unreasonable as shown by how he acted before and after the killing, an appeal court has heard.