El Sombre

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Davy L. Moody
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In El Sombre, Shadow of the Saguaro, the author has attempted to blend together actual historical figures, events, and facts, of the early 1800's with fictional heroes and villains. In as much as possible, these true life figures and forerunners of the West were picked by the author, because they were contemporaries of the era. The author has left it entirely up to the reader to sift the truth from the fiction, in order to pique your interest in historical study. The Author would classify this book as a fictional, historical, western fantasy. The author would be gratified if one day this book was chosen as required reading material at the high school-college level, and has deliberately chosen descriptive words and linguistics on a higher educational plane than the average pulp paper Western. The author has also endeavored to combine adventure, romance, and humor in order to attract a wider range of readers, but at the same time, to create heroes that might be suitable role models for the young men and women of this generation. If you are a descendent of the heroes portrayed, it is hoped that you will take family pride in reading the epic. If you are a descendent of those portrayed as the villains, take pride in the fact that you as a responsible American Citizen have restored the family name. Bear in mind, also, that many of our forefathers were painted as villains when they were heroes. - Because they were not "politically correct", or took a stand that was not popular with the world. Both hero and villain will some day stand before the Highest Command and be judged by the One Righteous Judge of all time, in the light of His Holy Word - Then, and only then, will it become apparent who the real heroes were. Except for the Biblical truths contained herein, the opinions expressed in this book are not those of the author, but the opinions of a shadowy and mysterious figure known as El Sombre, code name: Shadow-man, who worked in that era under the auspices of a private enterprise known as High Command Liason, which in turn, either accepted or rejected assignments, at it's own discretion, from a world-wide organization known as High Command, which would later become known as the League of Nations, and would evolve into what we know today as The United Nations.

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