Old Pig

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Margaret Wild, Ron Brooks
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Old Pig and Granddaughter have lived together for a long, long time. They share everything, including the chores, until the day when Old Pig does not get up as usual for breakfast. Calmly she pays her bills and puts her affairs in order. Then she takes Granddaughter on a last, long walk - looking and listening, smelling and tasting. Old Pig and Granddaughter say goodbye to each other in the best way they know. 'One of the truly great picture books.' Margaret Dunkle, Australian Bookseller and Publisher 'This heartbreaking, gentle, perfectly indirect story about the last days on earth of an elderly pig offers a better introduction to the fact and poetry of mortality than many a more studied attempt.' Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker 'Wild's poignant story about the death of Old Pig is full of warmth and, yes, joy.' Publishers Weekly 'Beautiful in its simplicity, this captures the essence of a life; and children, even little ones, cannot help but feel the love that infuses it.' Ilene Cooper, Booklist 'A poignant but sidelong look at death - about as far from the didactic tomes as one can get.' Kirkus Reviews 'A tender meditation on the death and the appreciation of love and life that deserves to become recognised as a modern classic.' Kevin Mark, Kairos 'This book is about living, not dying.' Linnet Hunter, The Age

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