Dragon Embraced

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Viola Grace
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Alone in a world that wants her blood, she seeks out friends who embrace her and a new home where she can grow and evolve. Zzara has been learning magic forbidden to dragons. When the mage guild catches on to what her tutor has been showing her, they are both in trouble. Helping a dragon to learn magic is a high crime. If the dragon wasn't the child of Magus Warrok, the dragon wasn't allowed spellwork. Zzara has few choices. Either she can remain in her friend's home and put her in danger, or she can leave with the knowledge she already has mastered. It is a choice that forces her to make decisions she wanted to leave for another year. Emory guards the blood dragon. He has been waiting for this moment for years. The moment the call came out for guards, he got clearance from the elders and made his way to the capital. The blood dragon was shorter than he had imagined, but she had an intelligence and a will that never failed to surprise him. He had to remain on his toes when she was around, and keeping an air of mystery was his first line of defense.

Behold the Embraced… Gwennore has a talent. An ... The dragon, Custard, initially commanded no amount of respect from Belinda and the other pets, on account of its cowardice; but when the house was attacked by an armed pirate and all others panicked and ran for shelter, the dragon savagely attacked the pirate and ate it up.

Through the dragon, you will learn wisdom, but it will hurt. The longest dragon in the world, Sun Loong, is one of the most significant cultural symbols of Bendigo where the tradition of dragon dancing has been embraced ever since the Australian gold rush. Follow/Fav Dragon Embraced World. By: sweetestdeth.