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Edgar Wallace
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,The Undisclosed Client" is a collection of short stories published between 1904 and 1929 from the British Mysteries' master Edgar Wallace, directly from the Golden Era of the genre. Edgar Wallace was an English novelist, journalist and playwright, who was an enormously popular writer of detective, suspense stories, and practically invented the modern ,thriller". His popularity at the time was comparable to that of Charles Dickens. The stories are fast-paced, with good twists and turns, an unusual criminal scheme and a little romance. These genuine mystery stories take the reader from one exciting adventure to another with all the adroitness and ingenuity of Mr. Wallace's previous successful books. The book highly recommended for people who like to treat a mystery story as a solvable riddle.

The principles of undisclosed principal deals with situations where agents will be acting on the authority granted by principals, then the agent would execute transactions with the third parties on the expense of the ... The Undisclosed (Chinese: 迷云二十天) is an action-thriller suspense drama produced by Mediacorp TV Channel 8.The drama made its debut on 3 April 2006 in Singapore, and ended its run on 28 April 2006.. This is the first drama Li Nanxing acted in after his divorce with ex-actress Yang Libing..

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