The Blackpill Theory

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Today it seems that almost everyone has a view on what it means to be an "incel" and why these sexless men behave the way they do. The irony is that very little of this debate is informed sincerely with scientific data or by what these men have to say. This engaging book, professionally revised and edited for 2020, takes an in-depth look at three contemporary issues - lookism, romantic satisfaction, and modern dating - by exploring how incel men experience them in a variety of circumstances. As the very first published approach to inceldom of its kind, Dr. Castle draws on qualitative and quantitative data as well as addressing a theory of social interaction, which is branded The Blackpill. The author demonstrates the importance of developing an empirically informed approach to men's societal experiences based on an understanding of the significance of physical attractiveness. This is an important and timely book into the social problem of male inceldom which be invaluable to researchers in sociology and gender studies, as well as professionals concerned with men's health.

Instead, I'll be taking one argument, piece of evidence, or facet of the theory, and showing why it doesn't show what they think it does in each instance. Just for fun, I'll be giving Blackpill Corroboration Ratings as we go along.

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