The Three Hostages

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John Buchan
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John Buchan is best known as being the creator of Richard Hannay in "The Thirty-Nine Steps". "The Three Hostages", first published in 1924, is his fourth of the 5-book series of the Richard Hannay novels. After distinguished service in the First World War, Richard Hannay settles into peaceful domesticity with his wife Mary and their young son. However, news comes to him of three kidnappings. With no more than a few tantalisingly cryptic lines of verse as clues, he is soon on the trail of Dominick Medina - a charismatic polymath but a man 'utterly and consumedly wicked'. As Hannay uncovers an international plot to twist innocent minds through hypnotism and blackmail, it appears that he has met his match in one of Buchan's most memorable villains.

Only a ... Hannay to the rescue once more! This time our hero is summoned from his tranquil life in rural Oxfordshire to save the world from a financial conspiracy which threatens the global economy. Hannay comes to believe that the villain behind all this must be Dominick Medina .. The Three Hostages was a British television series which aired on the BBC in 1952.

The Three Hostages By midsummer, unless they are released, the three hostages will be doomed. It is a ghastly dilemma, but in the public interest there is only one way out.