The End of All Things

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Allan Batchelder
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Tarmun Vykers, the Reaper, has battled his way across time and two continents, toppling kingdoms and empires alike and killing untold thousands in the process. And he has never really known why. But he's about to find out. And with this new knowledge must come a reckoning-with the Queen, who has manipulated Vykers every step of the way, with the Emperor, who would take what is rightfully the Reaper's, and even with the gods themselves. It is time for the Reaper to do what he does best.

Author. John Scalzi: JOHN SCALZI is one of the most popular science fiction authors ... The End Of All Things.

Scalzi retired John Perry and Harry Wilson became the new face of the series. What I liked about this book is that Scalzi told the story from the different places of the conflict and, like a jigsaw, made them all fit together into one large tapestry.