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**Harness the power of crystal healing and your astrological sign to incorporate personalized self-care and wellness into your daily routine. For anyone new to the benefits of crystal healing and astrology, or for those who have been practicing for years, this book breaks down their practical, easy-to-use applications, showing how they powerfully work together to prioritize mindfulness in your day-to-day. Readers will learn which crystals to use for their zodiac signs, as well as which to use for major planetary placements, including their Moon Sign, Rising Sign, or any of the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars). They will also learn customized rituals for the new and full moon, tailored to each zodiac sign, that can be done during any month. By engaging in these rituals, readers will become more attuned to their own communication styles and handling of emotions, as well as to those of others, informing and enriching their practice in intention-setting, positive affirmations, and self-love.**

Each crystal carries different healing properties that can help you manifest your goals, giving you the push that you might be needing to accomplish all your 2020 goals. Zodiac Crystals are a type of filtration media that can be used as a direct replacement for sand or zeolite. Commonly referred to as glass media, it has environmental and sanitary benefits over traditional silica/sand media.

Save with! "Having a crystal in the home is about setting the mood for your space," Askinosie says. "Like any great piece of art, these earth-crafted sculptures have the ability make you feel." Read on for her suggestions on the best crystals for your zodiac sign, and where to place them in your home.