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The Men in Black were elevated to superstar status in 1997 in the hit movie of the same name. Although the Hollywood blockbuster was fiction, the real Men in Black have consistently attempted to silence the witnesses of UFO and paranormal phenomena since the 1950s. In The Real Men in Black, author Nick Redfern delves deep into the mysterious world of these mysterious operatives. He reveals their origins and discusses classic cases, previously unknown reports, secret government files, and the many theories that have been presented to explain the mystery. Highlights of The Real Men in Black include: The story of Albert Bender, the first man to claim an encounter with the Men in Black The involvement of the MIB in the Mothman saga that dominated the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the 1960s Encounters with the MIB at the site of one of the world's most famous monsters: Loch Ness Exclusive interviews with leading researchers of the MIB phenomenon

(1954), fretted th­at a "Cosmic General Staff could even now be plotting a real-life war of the worlds. But next to demonologist-ufologist John A.

In many cases, the Men in Black have also seen aliens—in some accounts, they are aliens themselves or some form of "demonic supernaturals." If you're interested in the CCTV footage of the two believed men in black at 0:42 check out this video! for a new Do... The real men in black are claimed to appear after a UFO sighting. They are strange looking men wearing black suits and hats, and are said to be either very short or very tall and to wear wigs and make-up.