The Machine

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Stephanie Julian
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He's cool as ice and hot AF Jake Mozik has fought his way back from a possible career-ending injury and has returned to the Redtails focused and ready to reclaim his former glory as half of the best defensive duo in the league. But his attraction to the fierce Faith is unexpected and distracting. Faith doesn't usually fall for overly confident, uber sexy jocks. But when she does, apparently she falls pretty damn hard. Jake is so not her type. Or so she thinks. Until he shows up to volunteer at the alternative school where she works and she sees a different side of the normally cocky athlete. He's kind and patient and- Damn it, she is not falling for this guy. She's rebuilding her life after a near-fatal accident and there's no room for a man. Jake is determined to make room in Faith's life. And once he sets his mind on something, he doesn't let go until he gets what he wants. And he wants it all...

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