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Wound Care: a practical guide for maintaining skin integrity is a contemporary ANZ resource designed to assist students and clinicians in applying evidence-based wound care to practice. Written by expert wound care clinicians and academics, the text offers a range of clinical scenarios to test wound care knowledge and skills within the context of real-world settings. It presents a problem-solving approach to encourage students and practising nurses to critically think about how to deliver wound care to individuals with a range of acute and chronic wounds. Including the most recent local dressings and wound care products, Wound Care: a practical guide for maintaining skin integrity reinforces the principles of wound care and provides the necessary tools for students and clinicians to determine how best to deliver effective nursing care.Each chapter provides an overview of specific wound types, followed by five case studies and related multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge and skills Case studies include an assessment and management approach to assist you in developing effective clinical application of wound care theory Full colour illustrations to help familiarise yourself with a variety of wound types A nursing focus with a multidisciplinary approach helps to enhance the 'real-world' experience of wound careAdditional resources on Evolve eBook on VitalSource Instructor/and Student Resources:Answers to Case Study questions Quick reference list of local wound care products/dressings Self-assessment quizzes Image bank

Surgical wounds evidence based guidelines summary (PDF file, 112 KB). Brochures for health professionals.

Using these ointments may require the use of bandages. Dressings may need to be changed daily.