Every Woman's Guide To Saving The Planet

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Natalie Isaacs
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How to take action on climate change in your everyday life When it came to climate change, Natalie Isaacs used to think it was someone else's issue. After all, what can one person do to make a difference? Then she cut her electricity bill by 20 per cent and saw how much money and pollution she'd saved.Feeling empowered, she embraced action instead of apathy and changed her life. She has never looked back.In Every Woman's Guide to Saving the Planet, Natalie shares her journey from from climate bystander to international campaigner. Now the founder and CEO of the globally recognised climate action organisation 1 Million Women, Natlie explains:why climate change is the biggest issue of our time why women, who make around 85 per cent of household spending decisions, are incredibly powerful when it comes to taking climate action how to take action in your own life how to cut waste of everyday consumables such as energy, food, fashion or single-use plastic why stuff can't make us happy and why less truly is more how to inspire your family, friends and community to take climate action.With handy toolkits packed full of practical how-to's, Every Woman's Guide to Saving the Planet will get you started on your own climate action journey. Natalie's message is simple: never underestimate the power you have to fight the climate crisis. You just need to act.For more information go to 1millionwomen.com.au

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