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Sam Shepard
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Austin, working on his Hollywood screenplay, is disturbed by the arrival of his estranged brother, Lee, just returned from three months in the desert. During a brief spell of uneasy cohabitation in their absent mother's house, Lee employs himself as a door-to-door burglar before killing his brother's film idea by pitching his own to Austin's producer. But Lee is no writer and the brothers must strike a deal, escalating sibling rivalry to fever pitch in the blazing Californian heat. Sam Shephard's True West was first performed at the Magic Theatre, San Francisco, in 1980 and has since become recognised as an American classic.

Dave's found a tough and muscular language to describe Western Australia and his descriptions of country - his nods to bottlebrush, red granite, wattlebirds, and freshwater springs - are truly lush. Like all the best crime books, it eases you in, and then picks up pace, racing toward a tooth-grinding ... Read a Plot Overview of the entire play or a scene by scene Summary and Analysis.

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