Best Friends, Secret Lovers

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Jessica Lemmon
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The leap from friends to lovers means they have everything to gain...or everything to lose... Colleagues, confidants and best friends for years, Flynn and Sabrina have never crossed that line. Until one searing Valentine's Day kiss. And when circumstances force Sabrina to move in with Flynn...that line disappears. But becoming friends with benefits must stay a secret. Because if word gets out, they'll be risking their professional reputations and their relationship...

Sabrina and Flynn have been best friends since college and continued to deepen that friendship as they went to work together at Flynn's family company, Monarch Industries, a management consulting firm. Good news for us, Jessica Lemmon's Best Friends, Secret Lovers is here to deliver. Sabrina and Flynn have been best friends since college, along with pals Reid and Gage.

Page 2 < Prev Next > He put his hands on hers to stop whatever apology-slash-life-lesson he suspected was percolating. As gently as he could muster, he said, "Don't." Sabrina leveled him with a wide-eyed hazel stare.