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Add instant eco-chic street fashion to any outfit with friendship bracelets! Get that trendy bohemian look with bountiful, bright colors on your arms and wrists. Inside you'll find dozens of stylish designs and easy techniques for making beautiful bracelets with embroidery floss and hemp.Friendship Bracelets offers fresh ideas for expressing yourself with the texture and beauty of intricate knotwork. You'll find cool patterns here for making chevrons, stripes, waves, diamonds, and more, with step-by-step instructions for each knot pattern. Gorgeous color photographs illustrate variations in every style, from classic and natural to playful and eclectic.Stack your bracelets for a boho arm party, and embellish them with beads and buttons. Learn how to make inexpensive hemp jewelry in fun colors, inspired by laidback hippie vibes. Transform ordinary friendship bracelets from middle school memories to chic contemporary pieces you'll be proud to wear. Whether you're going bohemian, mod, or all-out fashionista, Friendship Bracelets will help you to create exactly the look you want.

Now, my daughter has gotten into making them too. Below you will find a ton of friendship bracelet patterns so you can get in on the fun too! These friendship bracelets are harder to remove! A loop and knot.

28 Pieces Woven Wrap Friendship ... Friendship Bracelets to Keep Them Close. Whether you're near or far, a friendship bracelet is the perfect way to keep your best friend close at all times.