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P.T. Macias
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~ ~ ~ ~ Dante ~ ~ ~ ~ My life hard, rough, and wild. I'm an outlaw biker. The MC is my family. That's the way I like it. I don't take shit from anyone. I'm the Sergeant At Arms. I protect my Prez I have my brothers back, and they have mine. Yeah, nothing scares me. I have only one weakness. My brother's little sister. Hell, not just any brother, but my Prez. Maybe I should fight it. Do what's right. I should respect her. I can't. She's sweet. She's perfect. She's mine. It's our dirty little secret. ~ ~ ~ ~ Chastity ~ ~ ~ ~ He's my dirty little secret. I love him. He's so damn sexy. I know that he's a good man. I don't care that he's a biker. I don't care that he's a knight. I only care how good he feels. My family will kill him. That's so not right. My brother is his prez. So, what's the big deal? (HEA . . . Dark Alphas MC Romance, standalone, no cliff hangers)

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