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Jenny Frame
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Davina Trent lives for work. She spends her days at her prestigious family law firm, ending her clients' marriages in divorce court and negotiating their hefty payoffs. Marriage is destined to fail, and family can't be trusted. But when Trent's cousin dies unexpectedly, Trent is the only relative left to care for his two small children. She needs a nanny fast. All Wendy Darling ever wanted was a family. When her fiancee left her and cleared out her bank account, she didn't think her heart would ever mend. After years abroad as a nanny, she returns to Britain to finish her degree and finally get her life back on track. Wendy falls in love with the children, but her heart aches at the distance between Trent and the kids. Wendy's determined to show Trent how fulfilling family life can be, and soon love begins to blossom. But will Trent have the courage to embrace her desire for Wendy and her unexpected family?

So, I began to eagerly anticipate the start of a fresh series, and couldn't wait to dive into Westcott number one. Anna Snow grew up in an orphanage, but has been anonymously supported by someone. Directed by Henry Jaglom.

For instance, you ... Someone to love Someone to trust Someone to hold Oh someone to know I thought I'd never love again I thought my life was over and I didn't want to face nor even see another day Suddenly from no where, baby you appeared You dried my tears, you cared for me Maybe your love for me, truly rescued me It's becuase of you, I was able to Fall in love again, you gave me [HOOK] For so long in my life, I ... "Somebody to Love" (originally titled "Someone to Love") is a rock song that was written by Darby Slick. It was originally recorded by The Great Society, and later by Jefferson Airplane.