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Brill Harper
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Nerdy Penelope has never even been kissed. But that was before her hot college roommates offer to be her study the bedroom. It's basically chiseled bodies, piercing eyes, strong hands, and testosterone twenty-four-seven at her house. Now she's got two virile men giving her a very adult education, and the one thing she's always been good at is being a star pupil. The best part is she doesn't have to choose-she gets them both and can literally do anything she wants to them. Except keep them. Author Confession: You know and I know that I will only ever deliver you an HEA, so sit back and enjoy the sweet, filthy love story of a nerdy heroine and two hunky alphamallows. Let me know which one steals your heart more. I bet you can't choose either.

We do this by imagining and delivering innovative and evidence based projects that promote racial equity. Created by Pino Amenta, Philip Dalkin, John Powditch. With Jon English, Steven Jacobs, Jane Hall, Bruno Lucia.

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