The Missionaries' Daughter

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Grace Jelsnik
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Gently reared in isolation by her missionary parents, Lindsay has never known anything but love and kindness. Until her father dies. Less than an hour after his funeral, she is trekking through the Black Hills National Forest with a man who vows to kill her before allowing her to fall into the wrong hands. Less than a week later, she has learned the truth of her birth and the tale of two young lovers torn apart by a corrupt Army major. Shadlow House, a government facility secured by the U.S. Army for the purposes of researching unconventional methods of intelligence-gathering, holds the secret to three generations of dream precognitives, a secret it jealously guards within its ten-story brick façade. Lindsay's journey of discovery takes her back to an era when women fought for respect, the Beatles fought one another, and one man fought to save his country. She soon learns that the darkest secrets are the ones that most violently resist illumination.

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Brand New Book ***** Print on Demand *****.Nine-year-old Katy lives in Costa Rica with her missionary parents. Having lived there nearly all her life, she speaks perfect Spanish and feels at home in the culture despite her ... THE MISSIONARIES DAUGHTER (PAPERBACK) Tate Publishing Enterprises, United States, 2010.