Sharing Charlotte

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Becca Jameson
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Christmas is a time for sharing...and this year it will be Charlotte who finds herself tucked between more men than she bargained for. Charlotte has it all. Her own thriving business. Perfect health. An amazing outlook on life. And the devotion of not one but two men who dominate her deliciously. But is two men enough for her? A chance encounter with an old acquaintance has her craving the forbidden. Nile and Samson adore their submissive. They have the perfect arrangement and both of them would give her the world. However, their foundation shakes when another Dom catches her attention. No matter how strongly they feel for her, they have to let her follow her heart. But what about Rex? The newest member of their group is blindsided to find out that the woman he craves already lives in a committed menage. She has far too much baggage for his taste. There's no ignoring the pull to explore outside the boundaries, but is there a line in the sand? Sometimes the best Christmas presents come wrapped in the most unusual packaging.

Charlotte has it all. Her own thriving business.

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