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Jean-Christophe Le Coze (Editor)
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Safety Science Research: Evolution, Challenges and New Directions provides a unique perspective into the latest developments of safety science by putting together, for the first time, a new generation of authors with some of the pioneers of the field. Forty years ago, research traditions were developed, including, among others, high-reliability organisations, cognitive system engineering or safety regulations. In a fast-changing world, the new generation introduces, in this book, new disciplinary insights, addresses contemporary empirical issues, develops new concepts and models while remaining critical of safety research practical ambitions. Their ideas are then reflected and discussed by some of the pioneers of safety science.? FeaturesAllows the reader to discover how contemporary safety issues are currently framed by a new generation of researchers, brought together for the first timeIncludes an introduction and guide to the development of safety science over the last four decadesFeatures an extraordinary collection of expert contributors, including pioneers of safety research, reflecting the evolution of the discipline and offering insightful commentary on the current and future state of the fieldServes as an invaluable reference and guide for safety professionals and students from any established disciplines such as sociology, engineering, psychology, political science or management as well as dedicated safety programmes Some figures in the eBook are in colour

It extends from safety of people at work to other spheres, such as transport, energy or infrastructures, as well as every other field of man's hazardous activities. Safety Science serves as an international medium for research in the science and technology of human and industrial safety. It extends from safety of people at work to other spheres, such as...

Our aim is to provide an internationally credible science base for decision-making in public health and the food industry. The research activity of the Behavioural Safety Science team focuses on understanding and managing human behaviour to meet the challenge of preventing injury and improving safety. Research priorities are aimed at those at increased risk of serious injury including seniors, youth and children who use the roads as drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, motor cyclists and vehicle occupants.